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Small Railroad Empires

Small Railroad Empires

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Small Railroad Empires is a pickup and deliver, track-laying and set-collection board game for 2-4 players, where players build railroad tracks, send trains with goods from industries to cities, and complete achievements to earn prestige!

During their turn, players will build their tracks by placing 2 trains on the modular board. When building tracks, players must pay the gold costs for the different terrain that the track passes through. Once a track connects an industry that produces a good with a city that demands that certain good, the player may send a train to complete the delivery and earn gold depending on the track length.

Players will also race to complete achievements such as: "Be first to make 4 deliveries" or "Be first to build 3 Tunnels" for which they will earn extra prestige.

Finally, when all players run out of tracks to lay down, the game ends. Player calculate the final prestige points they have from the achievements and the player with the most prestige is the winner!

—description from the designer


Number of players: 1-4
Duration: 30 min.
Age: 13+
Language: English

Kind of game

Type/Theme: Trains, Transportation
Mechanism: Card Drafting, Hexagon Grid, Modular Board, Pick-up and Deliver, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers


Designer: Milan Tasevski
Trains , Transportation
30-60 min.
Game Mechanics
Set Collection, Hex-and-Counter, Pick-up and Deliver, Variable Player Powers, Card Drafting, Modular Board
Number of players
1, 3, 2, 4
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