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Scythe Promo 17 -15 Metal $5 Red Coins

Scythe Promo 17 -15 Metal $5 Red Coins

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From publisher:

This promo pack is for 15 metal red $5 coins for use in Scythe. If you have the 80 piece metal coin set for Scythe, you do already have $5 coins included. These are an optional promo item for people who want the $10 coins to be more distinguishable from the $5 coins. These red coins are a different style, with the color being red acrylic over metal as opposed to red metal.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a new promo pack. It did not come with any of the Kickstarter versions of Scythe, nor the retail version of Scythe.


Number of players:
Duration: min.
Age: +
Year published: 2018
Language: English, Dutch, German

Kind of game



Designer: Jamey Stegmaier
Dutch, German, English
maximum 15 min.
Number of players
10 or more
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