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Van dit Nederlandstalige spel is momenteel alleen een Engelse beschrijving beschikbaar.

Push your luck at this fast paced, family-friendly card game.

Take risks by keeping a very high card or by "DUCKing": If you duck, you are betting, that you have the lowest sum in hand. At the end of the round, the player with the highest sum in hand scores … nothing.

—description from the designer

Lulu, Sonny and Duke take part in the great duck race. Play your hand cards cleverly and draw only cards that are of advantage to you for your next turn. Watch your opponents closely – the first player to play all his cards wins the round and earns valuable points. Will you play quickly but cleverly? Or will you be bold enough to duck down and exit the round? And if you do, will you really have the lowest total in your hand? Who will duck down most quickly and thus gain the most victory points?

—description from the publisher

Lulu, Sonny und Duke chillen am Strand und warten auf die nächste große Welle. Spiele zügig deine Handkarten aus und beobachte deine Gegner genau.Oder passe den richtigen Moment ab und DUCKe dich geschickt, bevor es die anderen
tun. Denn wenn du alle unterbietest holst du dir wertvolle Siegpunkte. Handkarten abspielen oder clever DUCKen … was ist dein Move?

—description from the publisher (German)


Aantal spelers: 3-5
Speelduur: 15 min.
Leeftijd: 8+
Taal: Nederlands

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Type/Thema: Card Game
Mechanisme: Push Your Luck, Set Collection


Ontwerper: Johannes Krenner
tot 15 min.
Press Your Luck, Set Collection
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3, 5, 4
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