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Everdell: Freshwater

Everdell: Freshwater

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Upgrades the Standard Edition of Pearlbrook with the Collector's Edition content.

This item includes: 6 axolotl meeples with Frog Ambassador, 6 platypus meeples with Frog Ambassador, 6 starling meeples with Frog Ambassador, 25 glass pearls, punchboard including open & closed signs and 3D Wonders, scorepad, 4 Adornment cards, 6 Special Event cards, 4 Forest cards.

Do you own the Collector's Edition Pearlbrook or are purchasing it through this campaign? Then you already have these!

—description from the publisher

Dieren, Stad bouwen, Expansion for base-game, Kaartspel, Fantasy
61-90 min.
Worker Placement, Card Drafting
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