Dragonfire: Character Pack – Heroes of the Wild

Dragonfire: Character Pack – Heroes of the Wild

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Contains 32 new Character screens for Dungeons & Dragons Dragonfire, including the Barbarian, and introducing the Sorcerer Class. Additional distinctive races are also featured, such as the Lizardfolk, Tabaxi, Kenku, and Aasimar. Other cards bring new mixes of class and race together to fill out your adventuring party the way you see fit. This pack also includes a bevy of new Market cards, as well as Subclass Features, from Forge Domain to Cavalier, War Magic to Assassin, and more!


Aantal spelers: 2-6
Speelduur: 60 min.
Leeftijd: 12+
Jaar van uitgave: 2018
Taal: Engels

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Type/Thema: Card Game, Expansion for Base-game, Fantasy
Mechanisme: Card Drafting, Cooperative Play, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
Uitbreiding voor: Dragonfire


Ontwerper: Randall N. Bills
Kaartspel, Expansion for base-game, Fantasy
17+, 19+, 12+, 21+, 14+, 16+, 18+, 20+, 13+, 15+
61-90 min.
Co-operative Play, Hand Management, Card Drafting, Deck / Pool Building, Variable Player Powers
Aantal spelers
2, 4, 6, 3, 5
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