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Counterfeiters: Action Improvements

Counterfeiters: Action Improvements

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This promo pack adds 10 cards to Counterfeiters. Action Improvement cards are chosen at the start of the game; they are NOT shuffled into the black market stack. Beginning with the starting player and going in clockwise order, players will each take a turn choosing one of the available cards. Then, starting with the last player and going in counter-clockwise order, each player will select one more card. Any cards remaining will not be used in this game.

The Action Improvement cards are marked according to player count. You will use 5 Action Improvement cards for a 2-player game, and 7 for a 3-player game. 4-player games will use all 10 Action Improvement cards. Players must place their selected Action Improvements face-up in front of them on the table, and visible to all players.

Each Action Improvement card may be used once per game, on a player’s own turn, in order to improve a specific action. Only one Action Improvement card may be used on a given turn. Once one of these cards has been used, turn it facedown.

—description from the publisher


Aantal spelers: 2-4
Speelduur: 35 min.
Leeftijd: 13+
Jaar van uitgave: 2018
Taal: Engels

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Type/Thema: Animals, Card Game, Mafia
Mechanisme: Worker Placement
Uitbreiding voor: Counterfeiters


Ontwerper: Olivier Bourgeois
Dieren, Maffia, Kaartspel
31-60 min.
Worker Placement
Aantal spelers
4, 3, 2
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