Single gamebits

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Single gamebits

Here you can find a vast assortment of gamebits that you can use to make your own prototype, to replace a missing part or to buy in bulk. 


We have got dice in all sorts of colors, sizes and printings!


All sorts of play money

Hourglasses and timers

Hourglasses and other time measuring devices

Wooden bits

Wooden cubes, discs, cilinders and octogons in many sizes and colors. 


All sorts of tokens


Planes, ships, cars, trains and even rockets!

Goods and buildings

Wine bottles, t-shirts, bread, lightning bolts, and tens of other goods!

Humans and animals

Different shapes of humans and tens of different animals such as donkeys, squirrels, bears and cats!

Game boards and mats

A selection of game boards and game mats with printings

Meeples and pawns

The classic pawn and the modern meeple. In many different shapes, sizes and colors. 


Everything that didn't fit in another category


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