Blank Gamebits

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Blank Gamebits

Would you like to print your own artwork or graphic design on blank gamebits? We have got several options for you!

Game boards

We have got empty game board in an array of sizes. You can print your artwork on stickers, then carefully stick these stickers to the game boards.

Game boxes

What is a prototype without a box? Print your artwork on stickers and stick these to the blank box for a professional presentation of your prototype. 


Are you looking for empty tiles for your prototype? We have got them in different shapes and sizes. You can draw on them directly. For some sizes, we also have sticker sheets with matching stickers so you can easily print your design on these and stick them on the tiles.

Playing cards

We have got blank playing cards which you can use for your own design. We also have sheets with pre-punched playing cards that you can stick straight into your printer.


We also have dice in a blank version. You can turn these into your own unique dice with a marker or stickers.


You can use the stickers for the game boards and the game boxes, amongst others. We also have stickers which are pre-cut in a certain size so that you can immediately stick these on the blank tiles.


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