10mm wooden cubes
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10mm wooden cubes

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Whether you are looking for parts for a prototype, you lost a certain gamebit, you would like to upgrade your game or you are looking for large numbers of a certain part, we have got hundreds of thousands gamebits in stock! 

Single, blank and game specific gamebits 

In the category single gamebits you can find a vast assortment of gamebits that you can use to make your own prototype, to replace a missing part or to buy in bulk. At the blank gamebits are the components that you can design yourself (by means of stickers or directly via a printer). Are you looking for a gamebit, upgrade or expansion for a certain game, then have a look at the game specific gamebits.


We have a lot of luxury components to give your board games a more upscale look. How about metal coins, custom meeples, dice towers and acrylic tokens?

Sleeves and storage

Also for protecting your games, Spelspul has got your back. Protect your game cards with sleeves and organize your game boxes with handy and beautiful wooden organizers.


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0 mm - 930 mm


0 mm - 970 mm
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