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Who likes opening a game box and then sorting and setting up the game for half an hour? Well, we don't! We offer you a number of storage solutions that make sure you can just open the box, put out the trays and set up your game!


You can open your box and set up your game immediately thanks to the organizers from The Broken Token! Many of the organizers contain containers that you can pull from the box and put next to the game board on the table, ready to use in the game. We also have organizers for all sorts of deckbuilding games. 

Boxes, trays, tins and containers

You can find all sorts of boxes, trays and containers here, whether to put tokens neatly into a game box, or boxes that fit an entire (card) game.


We have got several sorts of ziplock bags and felt bags here.


This is where we stored the single and double deckboxes.

Storage cases

Wooden cases for cards, tokens and complete deckbuilders.

Card holders

An array of wooden and plastic solutions for storing cards and displaying these next to the game board.

Extra dividers

Sets of extra dividers for the different organizers and storage cases. 


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