Barrage: Executive Officers Pack B

Barrage: Executive Officers Pack B

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2 new Executive Officers distributed exclusively to Kickstarter backers, as part of the 5th player Expansion campaign. Later available in pack E of the Dice Tower 2022 Kickstarter campaign.

Wu Fang:
You have a personal action space. When it is your turn, during the Action Phase, you can place 1 Engineer on this space to produce an amount of energy equal to the number of Water Drops currently held in your Dams. You can't add any bonus to this production, but you can use it to fulfill a Contract. The Water Drops stay where they are after this action.

Dr. Octavius:
When producing energy by activating one of your Powerhouses with a Production action, you can use any Water Drops from one or more of your Dams or Neutral Dams connected to the activated Powerhouse.
When using the German company ability, you can use this ability only with your first production.

Economie, Milieu, Expansion for base-game
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Route/Network Building, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
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