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Way 2 Go

Way 2 Go

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Way 2 Go is a sensory deprivation party game for a team of 2-7 players (or two teams of up to seven players each) that promotes team play and trust, along with a lot of laughs.

The object of the game is to draw a line within a confined space from start to finish. This would be easy — except that the person drawing the line is blindfolded and must receive direction from the other players. All other players form a line and have different means of communicating where to draw the line next. A complex chain of hampered communication forms in which information is lost or misinterpreted, making the simple task of drawing a line quite challenging.

With four different tracks and many difficulty levels as well as a team vs. team variant, this party game does not become stale and can be played countless times!

—description from publisher


Number of players: 2-14
Duration: 30 min.
Age: 8+
Language: English, Dutch, German, French

Kind of game

Type/Theme: Action / Dexterity, Party Game
Mechanism: Line Drawing, Race, Real-Time, Team-Based Game


Designer: Urtis Šulinskas
French, German, English, Dutch
Action / Dexterity, Party Game
30-60 min.
Game Mechanics
Partnerships, Line Drawing
Number of players
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 10 or more
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