Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game – Fantastic 4: Under Siege

Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game – Fantastic 4: Under Siege

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Featuring Super Heroes, Zombie Heroes, and Bystanders tied to Marvel’s First Family, this expansion takes the action from the ground floor all the way to the roof of the Baxter building, in a unique floor-by-floor board setup that allows players to run this deadly gauntlet in order to secure Reed Richard’s fantastic technology! This unique location will be explored over several new scenarios for both Hero Mode and Zombie Mode.

—description from the publisher


Number of players: 1-6
Duration: 60 min.
Age: 14+
Language: English

Kind of game

Type/Theme: Expansion for Base-game, Comic Book / Strip, Miniatures, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Zombies
Mechanism: Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Solo / Solitaire Game
Expansion for: Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance


Designer: Fabio Cury, Michael Shinall
Comic Book / Strip, Expansion for base-game, Zombies , Movies / TV / Radio theme , Miniatures Game
30-60 min.
Game Mechanics
Modular Board, Dice Rolling, Co-operative Play
Number of players
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6
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