Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game

Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game (Pre-Order: November)




Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game is a standalone game in the Zombicide franchise based on the movie Army of the Dead (2021) directed by Zach Snyder.

In the tabletop adaptation, players take on the role of the well-equipped and well-trained mercenary company as they infiltrate into zombified Las Vegas and search out the bank vault. Each of these mercs has their own, unique skill set based on characters from the movie. As players make their way through the game’s many scenarios, they’ll be recreating scenes from the film, as well as venturing into many “off-screen” situations designed specifically for the game. But be careful, the zombies of Las Vegas aren’t going to just shamble slowly towards them. This will be a non-stop fight if the players expect to get away with the money… and their lives.

—description from the publisher


Number of players: 0
Duration: 0 min.
Age: 0+
Language: English

Kind of game

Type/Theme: Exploration, Fighting, Horror, Miniatures, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Zombies
Mechanism: Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Multiple Maps, Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Team-Based Game


Horror, Fighting, Zombies , Movies / TV / Radio theme , Miniatures Game, Exploration
maximum 15 min.
Game Mechanics
Partnerships, Dice Rolling, Co-operative Play
Number of players
10 or more
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