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The Canadian province of Manitoba is wild, fascinating, and almost without any limits: countless lakes, majestic mountains, a vast tundra in the north and endless prairies in the south. Manitoba — a country whose name derives directly from Manitou, the big spirit of creation of the American natives.

In Manitoba, players become clan leaders of the Cree tribe and try to become the chieftain of them all, but this is not easy as they have to cope with the capriciousness of nature and must provide material as well as spiritual richness for their clans.

In the course of the seasons, everyone has to consider several things: When and where do I plan to get active in the hunting grounds of Manitoba? Or would it be better now to emphasize spiritual development and walk on mystical paths? How can I exchange and exploit my resources cleverly? Players can also manipulate the wooden disks of the totem to influence the possibilities of all players strongly. Many situations demand wise decisions...

—description from the publisher


Number of players: 2-4
Duration: 60 min.
Age: 12+
Year published: 2018
Language: English, German

Kind of game

Mechanism: Modular Board, Set Collection


Designer: Remo Conzadori, Marco Pranzo
English, German
19+, 12+, 21+, 14+, 16+, 18+, 20+, 13+, 15+, 17+
60-90 min.
Game Mechanics
Modular Board, Set Collection
Number of players
3, 2, 4
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