The Hunted: Twilight of the U-Boats, 1943-45

The Hunted: Twilight of the U-Boats, 1943-45

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The Hunted is a tactical level game placing you in command of one of several models of WWII U-boats.

Your mission is to destroy as much Allied Shipping and as many Capital ships as possible.....and still come home. Players will find it EXTREMELY challenging to survive an entire tour from 1943 to 1945, at which time, if still alive, you will surrender at port, having done your part on the front lines. If desired, a player may start with a more advanced model of U-boat which may actually increase their chances to survive.

Players MAY be reassigned to a newer model of U-boat under some circumstances, but typically will stay in the same boat until the end of game or until sunk.


Aantal spelers: 1-2
Speelduur: 45 min.
Leeftijd: 12+
Jaar van uitgave: 2020
Taal: Engels

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Type/Thema: Nautical, Wargame, World War II
Mechanisme: Dice Rolling, Push Your Luck, Simulation


Ontwerper: Gregory M. Smith
Nautical , Wargame, World-War II
61-90 min.
Simulation, Press Your Luck, Dice Rolling
Aantal spelers
1, 2
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